Global NWP Model Data

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  • Data is syndicated from MetOcean Solutions Ltd via WXTiles
  • All times are LOCAL - validity time displayed in dropdown box above map
  • Change validity time via the "Date/Time" dropdown box, or Previous/Next buttons, or
    keyboard shortcuts: keypad 4/6 or keyboard </> respectively
  • Select other products via the "View" dropdown box above the map on the right
  • Product availability is validity time dependant, eg no satellite imagery or SST in the future!
  • Some fields may be missing near data update times (check back a short while later)
  • Zoom in/out via in-map slider controls, mouse wheel, or +/- (keys work after clicking map to give it "focus")
  • Pan via in-map pan controls, mouse click+drag, or arrow keys (again, once the map has "focus")

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